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You can go directly to the Hodgkin's Links, the New Patient Information Pages, Dealing with Side Effects of Chemotherapy, or read below for a little bit more about me and my Hodgkin's treatment before moving on. I hope that you find your reading informative and helpful!

A Story About Li(sa):

Hi! Welcome to my home page, begun with the help and talent of my friend Tom Meixner. I am a 30-year-old academic counselor at Southern California International College in Santa Ana, California. I was most recently a student at Kansas State University. An experience survived due to the love and support of all my friends updated

In a previous life I attended the University of Maryland at College Park, and I received a BA in English from North Georgia College, in Dahlonega, Georgia, in 1993. In December 1996 I received a masters of science degree in Student Counseling and Personnel Services (to work with college students, although I have also used my transferable skills at Job Corps!) at K-State, aka Purpleland. To learn more about Student Personnel, check out the American College Personnel Association page. I am also about 90% done with a masters of arts program in Sociology here at K-State. The home of the Sociology department at K-State is in the lovely Waters Hall. All I have left now is my thesis, which involves studying the factors that help or impede minority Division I Basketball student athletes success at predominantly white, and especially rural, institutions. I swear I will finish this one day!

One of the other things it involves is getting to know the wonderful people at UMI. When I was little I thought UMI was cool because they were on Zeeb Road and Zeeb Road was one of my The Vast Wealth of UMIfavorites because I liked the way it sounded. As I got older and I saw the building that houses all those lovely documents I thought, 'That's it?!' Who would ever guess all the knowledge that is in that small, innocuous building? Now that I'm older, they take a lot of my money….

So where is K-State, the place I attend now? It's in Manhattan, the Little Apple, Kansas. Yes, the Little Apple is a registered trademark.

Here is some fun news: I got married! Peter popped the question on his birthday, June 19, on the Queen Mary. Very romantic, I thought. We got marrried May 1, 1999 in Dahlonega, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, home of the 1996 Summer Olympics. We are also happy to announce that we are expecting a baby this summer!

Pumpkin ShellI moved to California to finish my thesis and be closer to Peter. We have bought a house updated in Foothill Ranch and we love it!

A Mission in Life and HTML:

The reason we started this home page, is because I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a form of Lymphoma, on December 5, 1995. I was Stage IIB, and received chemotherapy without radiation from December 20, 1995 until October 17, 1996. On November 8, 1996 I was declared to be in remission and done with treatment. I used to spend what seemed like half my life in the Lafene Student Health Center . Now I just visit to say hi! By request, I have now included my story from first symptoms to diagnosis. Please also check in for an update of what I'm up to this week with treatment and caregiver scheduling or to get more info on my health status (recently updated). I have found that the more people are informed the better things are for all of us. Finally, take a moment to visit my Caregivers Hall of Fame.

Personal Stuff That Embarrasses People I Know:

Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but actually, they do laugh at me a lot for some reason….

Opus is so cool!Besides collecting all things penguin I admire Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins who has survived Hodgkin's Disease and picked up where he left off dominating the NHL. And thanks to Andy Quintana I now have my very own letter from Mario wishing me luck in my Hodgkin's Treatment! Unfortunately the 1996-97 season was Mario's last, but his inspiration will always be there. In another sports note, Paul Azinger seems to be playing much better golf lately in his return from the lymphoma battles, and have you seen Scott Radinsky pitch lately? The Dodgers are lucky to have him. (Did I mention my father is a huge fan of the Dodgers?) And do you remember Jeff Blatnick in the 1984 Olympics? A gold medal after HD. Wow. They are so inspirational in their success. It is too bad that Lemieux has decided to retire, but can you really blame him?

My favorite guilty pleasures Updated! are here for you examination. Warning…I've used this page to experiment with graphics in a rather big way, so it may take a long time to load on a slow modem. I will be making additions on separate pages that will be linked from this index page. For now though, enjoy these! Oh, and by the way…It's Tea Time! New!

If you are addicted to card games, scrabble, and other such things as easily as I am, you should visit Peter's BBS . Ask Lance how easily one can get sucked in…ha ha ha ha….

Meet my family. They're all mine! Oh and the cat has a page too…did I hear Tuna? Link to a cool site...

Hmmmm, according to my handy-dandy counter here, you are person number to visit my humble little page since the counter was installed on January 26, 1996. Thank-you for your support of this project.

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