Meet My Family:

I am the eldest child of Ruth Ellis and Scott Sparks. My parents divorced when I was a child after producing myself and my brother Lance (currently 23).

Lance attended Case Western Reserve University, from which he graduated in May '95, after lettering in varsity baseball 4 years. He has even been referred to as the 'Case Ace' by rival schools. He then played pro ball for the Lafeyette, Indiana Class A baseball team this summer before getting married to the beautiful Allie (Watson) this October. They currently are residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Allie is attending Eastern Michigan University.

My parents each remarried; my father is still married to Pam, my fabulous step-mother, and they had my middle brother Josh (currently 15 and studying the drivers manual). Josh is a bowler by trade, and has finally found the joys of alternative music. They all live in Roswell in our home known as "Castle Greyskull" to some of my North Georgia comrades. Dad has worked for AT&T for 25 years, and thanks to the recent split now works for IBM Global Systems (they got sold by AT&T) as a contractor to Lucent Technologies. It was a little crowded at Christmas when everyone visited my little apartment in Manhattan, KS, but it was fun.

My mother remarried and divorced, but not before she and my former stepfather produced my youngest brother Mikey . Mike is 14, and his passion is hockey. He's the only bro not yet 6' tall, but he's muscular and is an awesome goaltender. He is currently playing for a travel team in Toledo, Ohio. Mom and Mike live in Dexter, Michigan right outside Ann Arbor.

Something to note is that my three brothers have a 7 times greater chance of also getting Hodgkin's than they would in the general population, due to the fact that I have it. Of course, we all hope it never becomes an issue.

One final sibling. Although I was recently blessed with Allie as a sister-in-law, I've never had a blood sister. The closest I have is a wonderful friend named K-lynn Smith. She and I went to Maryland together and have had more sisterly interactions (everything from sharing clothes to not-speaking-to-each-other type fights to dating the same guy) than any friend I've ever had. I love her the same as I would a sister, so except for her being excepted from the increased chance of Hodgkin's, she's family to me!

Last, but not least, there is Peter. Rumor has it that we might actually get engaged this fall, though I would rather not hold my breath, lest I turn dark blue. We are happily planning the interior of our new house in Foothill Ranch, which you can see being built on Li's home page. I'm even leaving a place for Rugby, THE CAT!, to live.

Last updated July 19, 1997