The Pumpkin.....

Li Sparks' Pumpkin Shell

and there he kept her very well!

Large GIF Picture of 1649 Floorplan
The Duplicate House down the street
The Model
Family Room in the model
Kitchen in the Model
Li's Dirt
Wow! A foundation!
Li in the laundry room
Li in the living room
Sitting in the sliding door in the dining room
The beginnings of a second floor.
The wooden flooring is installed.
Who's dancing the jig on the second floor?
View of houses in cul-de-sac under construction from 2nd Floor
Well, it's beginning to look like a house!
A 2nd floor and a roof!
A little further along, tar paper on roof, slate coming.
The windows have arrived...
Li looking out the kitchen window (see comment)
Shower Stall Installation
The front of the house comes together
Back of the house with windows installed
The guy paying for all this....
Slate roof tiles delivered and placed on roof
Back of the house, windows installed, framing still showing
Li trying to bake a cake in the kitchen
We have black tar paper!!
..and even MORE black tar paper!!!!
Fiberglass insulation installed in livingroom area
Livingroom is dry walled.
Another shot of the house further along
Tiles in the entry way.
Family room and fireplace dry walled.
TV area drywalled.
Donald Duck comes to visit the bedroom.
Almost finish fireplace in family room.
Stairs going upstairs being dry walled.
The Stucco goes on the back of the house.
Back of house gets painted.
View into neighbors backyard from ours.
Concrete Driveway being poured.
Concrete Driveway and front sidewalk.
Special 100 pair wire being installed for internet services.
A neighbor checks things out....
Li with her maple handrails.
Li standing in the new kitchen
Mulch and Sod arrives for backyard.
Sod being laid in the backyard.
Sod and Mulch in the driveway.
Sprinklers being installed in backyard.
The cat finds the way to the sand box.
Anyone have some bars???
Li in the livingroom.