Patient Information Pages

Written and Produced by Li Sparks

For the New Hodgkin's Patient:

[Although I have been in remission since November 8, 1996, I have left this page the same as it expresses the way I looked at my treatment and the way that I hope you will look at yours.]

So, they say you may have cancer? The big C? Take a deep breath, count to 10: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Now let it out slowly. Remember, cancer is just another word, and it can't hurt you unless you let it.

So now what you ask? Well, let's take this one step at a time. There are a few steps to this process and none of them have to be frightening. If you have to have cancer, Hodgkin's is the one to get. Always keep in mind it is the most treatable, the most curable (different than treatable), and has wonderful long-term prognoses.

If you would like to read about my personal health status, if you click on the "Back to Li's Home Page" option you will be sent to my personal pages. I keep my treatment schedule there as well as information about how I'm doing personally. I have also added my story as many of you have requested, and a Hall of Fame page for all the people who have taken care of me during treatment.

From here you should choose a topic of where you would like to begin. I have put together some information that would have been helpful to me in my process through the adventure. That's how I like to think of this cancer experience. An adventure. Not one that I chose, but rather one that chose me. Every day brings a new surprise. Maybe my fingers will start to tingle or my hair will fall out. It's nothing to be scared of. The fingers will be normal someday and the hair will grow back. Until then, I'm going to explore my new world every day and see what I can learn from it. Join me, and we can get through this together stronger than either of us could alone!

"I don't believe in dying. I think that it has been done." --George Burns.

"You are a victim of cancer, you are not a victim of treatment. Treatment is the answer." -- Peter Guethlein

Please note that I am a patient, not a doctor. I am an expert of my own case and no one else's. Please use this information wisely, and discuss anything you are unsure of with your doctor, as he is your own expert.