Li's Hectic Life:

Well, right now it really isn't that hectic. I'm just updating all these web pages, looking for a job, and working on my thesis. That mainly involves being right here in front of the keyboard. But when I'm not doing that I'll be doing the following:

August 9: HD Meet at Disneyland

August 20th: Fly to KCI and drive to Manhattan.

August 21st: Meet with my advisors and thesis committee about fall classes and finishing my thesis.

August 22: 9 month checkup appointment with Dr. Petrik in Topeka.

August 22: Fly to Atlanta

August 25: Fly to KCI, then Fly to Orange County.

October 25: Rent, in Los Angeles

November 2: Rebecca's wedding?

February 28, 1998: Tom's Wedding?

May 2, 1998: Riverdance, in Los Angeles

Last updated July 23, 1997.