Pooh and friendsFOL (Friends of Li):

Just as Pooh and his friends stuck together, so do we. Here you can meet some of my friends, and you will see why they are special to me.

Some of their home pages...click at your own risk:

For the amusement of some and the horror of others I produce photos of the past that will make perfect sense to those who were there and will mean nothing without much explanation to anyone else! =)

I was once asked:

"Just out of curiosity... who are all of those other people on your mailing list?"

This was my attempt to answer.

As Berny calls it, the "friendly ether of Li-net":

allie and lance sparks: My sister and law and her husband. She's graduating from Eastern Michigan next spring and is considering schools in the Southern California area for grad school. I would love to have them here, so everyone encourage them! =)

andrew davis: heh. andy. i babysat andy. he was a pain in the rump. still is. but that's ok. he growed up good as they say. he wants to be an auto writer. some boys just never grow up completely i guess. =) I hear that he is among the many who are engaged. If it's true, fess up!

amy kolodny: i knew amy in third grade when we lived in michigan that year. she's now in fairfax, virginia, happily married and the proud mother of two lovely boys. Amy and I developed such a close bond in 3rd grade that when we grew up, totally independent of one another we collected the same penguins and bought the same couch and recliner for our family rooms. I here the Bud Ice penguin now….

brian barney: brian is the first guy i ever dated among other things. we went out for a little over 2 years. in fact, we started dating over TEN years ago. oo i feel old. he's been in vermont forever, but it looks like he may finally move on and do that med school thing after all. Crossing my fingers for you Brian!

andrea bentley: i went to high school with andrea and she has just recently found a company that would give her an e-mail address! i'm thrilled! i've known andrea for over ten years. hard to believe it's been that long since high school.... I'm hoping that she and jeff will make me an auntie someday. So far all I've got are niece and nephew cats!

jeff bentley: jeff is the husband of andrea. he's kinda goofy, but fun. i understand that his homebrew is pretty good (don't drink beer myself), and his apple pie is awesome, so i recommend keeping him around! =) of course, it seems like he's never around anymore with all that scuba diving…..

andy quintana: andy, surprise, surprise, was in SUPC with me. I needed someone to wear a suit and introduce a speaker. Next thing I know we're sitting around Ellicott desk playing pluck with John Nam (it's a CARD GAME for heaven's sake! Such minds….), ordering hot dogs with extra ketchup from Hawthhorne's, and watching the O's lose 21 in a row….

rebecca finn: becca is one of three bar certified lawyers i know from maryland. (they graduated from catholic, gw and american universities in dc, but all three were in supc at maryland at the same time, kinda weird). becca and i got to be really good friends one summer when we worked for campus guest services and we both dated the same guy (separately not at the same time, just the same summer).Now she is getting married this fall! Geez...everybody is getting in on the action!

berny grindel: berny is another friend from maryland. from college bowl in supc. he's getting a ph.d. in history from Ohio State. I got special permission from my family to talk to him…. berny and i are supposed to have kids together, but we never get around to it because one of us is always attached to someone else!

brad passwaters: brad is involved with the lovely Colleen. he never graduated from maryland but makes big bucks anyway. i never graduated from maryland, but make nothing. met him in supc in '87.

chris innerst: well, let's put it this way. we hated each other. we referred to each other as 'that bitch'. then we bonded. we found out we liked each other after all. [speed forward a few years] we were on the phone so long AT&T developed a speical rate plan just for us. it was called the 'never get off the phone' plan. i'm sure AT&T will enjoy our first born children. as long as we are still friends, it's worth it.

dave hsu: i met dave when he was living with friends of mine in maryland. he is one class short of graduating from maryland. he started taking classes in 1983. I always thought I was slow graduating, but dave made me feel better. I promise that if you finish your degree, dave, that I won't feel bad! Dave is also the master of Brita distribution in North America. I got mine from the Mets though. =)

jen "kobi" hsu: married to dave above.she is an awesome power shopper...i can't wait to get her into the coach outlet store! (please note that i didn't say a single thing about being jailbait either....)

debbie greenberg: i met her in fall '87 and was very intimidated by her. i used to have a "bonding" session for my female friends and was shocked when she said she'd like to come. we've been great friends ever since. we travel together and i am her official fashion and shopping consultant, and in fact she flew out here last december so i could help her shop for a party dress. =) i don't know what i'd do without her. now if she would just write more often!

elvin mcneill: elvin dated jennifer, my roommate, at North Georgia, and we became friends through that relationship.

jeff evarts: he, i met because he became a part of the group in maryland after i left. he now dates kurt's sister grace (again), and he works at UUNet, but don't they all now? interesting fellow. he'll get you with his "charm" every time. ;)

jb: he's getting a ph.d. in econ at ut-austin, and is simultaneously tracking down every conspiracy theory that exists in the United States government and beyond. other than that he's an important friend to me. And he still owes me a birthday dance...!

jennifer mcdermid: jennifer was my roommate at NGC. we used to go on steak binges together, but she broke my heart and became a vegetarian. oh well. she and craig are contemplating moving again, so i hope she comes to see me soon!

josh elvander: one of jb and tom's good friends. he also dated chris a long time ago. he has been interviewing for jobs here in California, and I think that he was even going to take oneof them. It'll be good to have a friend in the area again!

k-lynn smith: k-lynn is my "sister". that includes all the good stuff as well as all the bad!

kurt lidl: Kurt married Debbie June 1, 1996. this was dubbed as "the wedding of the century". he's the older brother i never had.

laura smith: i met her at maryland. in supc like most of the people on the list. we weren't good friends there, but she is good friends with chris and she and i have heard a lot about each other over the years. Laura has decided to break down and follow the SUPC tradition of going to Law School. I am still resisting, but I predict others will fall.

lewis bruck: he and john nam and i used to hang out together all the time this last time i lived in maryland. he's now in seattle, so hopefully we can take advantage of those low fares between LAX and Seattle and see each other more often. i miss whacking golf balls and just hanging out with he and john. I know, I know, my life is just FULL of excitement!

Marco Dowell: Marco was my advisor with Games and Tournaments in, what else, SUPC. He's now working at Cal State/LA, so I'm hoping I'll get to see him occasionally. Marco was and is, as we say, one of the good guys.

nikka hellman: nikka was also in upc and lived across the street. She's in a graduate program in Ohio and thus has been quieter than usual….

sandy mcdonnell: Sandy and her husband Dan have been stationed in Norway since January 1996. The weird thing is that I'm in better touch with her than with many people here in the states! I'm thrilled for the McDonnells as they are picking up their new baby boy in Bolivia in August '97. More people to be jealous of!

stephanie wesemann: goofy, as I like to call her, is a crazy woman. She signed a lease to live with me when I was in the middle of treatment, she volunteered to go to chemo with me on her birthday, etc., etc. she lived with me during the toughest parts of treatment and I'll always be grateful. And she is condering looking for a job out west…I sense a trend…. =)

tara scholtz: i met tara at maryland. she was the "baby" which seems odd somehow now. i don't see her nearly enough. She's the resident expert of the U-Maryland library system. Last I heard she was looking west for new job possibilities…can we have a west coast Bonding franchise? =)

tom limoncelli: we went to high school together and hated each other. go figure. he had a sort of "relationship" with my best friend maria. Neither of us had heard from maria in years until recently. I understand that tom is among those who has had the good fortune to get engaged and married this year? What's the scoop Tom?

tom meixner: i dated tom in '89. It's amazing that we both survived. of course we both got cancer, so that statement is true regardless! Tom is getting married early next year and I'm extremely jealous! I'm very happy for him though!

tony lee: i met tony at maryland. he's a lawyer (american). his wedding was the most lavish affair i'll ever experience in my life. i'm really glad that tony has kept up with me over the years.

tre and leigh alverson: friends that i had at North Georgia who are now happily married. i'm pleased to have good contact with them again.

rosemary arca: my 7th grade language arts teacher and a valued friend. i used to correspond with a relative of rosemary's husband, but unfortunately, Laura died of cancer in high school.

kattie sandusky: another law school rat. i met kattie in kindergarten. i think it is a miracle we are still in touch with each other! of course, even with e-mail we haven't been in touch as much as we should be….

cathy wolfe: last but certainly not least is cathy. i've known her since 6th grade and we've been close for more years than seems possible. i'm glad to have her on the net finally!

Last updated July 19, 1997