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Do you have anything that you think should be added to these tips? Is there a section missing that you think should be included? Do you have a recipe that helped you through nausea, fatigue, or mouth sores? Please send them my way! And any other comments you may have as well!

I am currently putting together a section on Ports. So many people go through chemo without one because of fear of what it will look like, the surgery involved, etc. If you have something positive to say about ports, I would love to hear from you. I hope to be able to post letters from people like you by the end of August! Send your letters my way! Thank-you!

My hope is to turn all of this into a book someday so people that don't have access to the internet can benefit from all the knowledge that you and I have gained. If I do publish, I would require that a portion of any profits be donated to the Leukemia Society of America for research into Hodgkin's Disease. The information will always be available for free on my web pages, of course.

So, please send me any comments or suggestions!
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Please note that due to the volume of mail that I am unable to answer every e-mail. I do READ them all though, and am thankful for the many wonderful suggestions that I have received.

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