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The Power Stone™ - Remote Power Switch
Product Code RPS II
$139.00 Each
plus $10.00 S/H

For Online Orders
List Price $159.00
  • Call In and turn your web server, router, computer or other device on/off
  • Features:
    • Automatic - Power Down/Up upon Calling
    • Automatic - Reboot upon calling
    • Manual - Power On or Off
    • Customized Security Code Feature
    • Fully Configurable
  • Compatible with Answering Machines
  • Can be used with our RPS Software to monitor and automate power control functions
  • A Remote Power Switch device activated with a phone call.
  • If you are looking for a Web Based Remote Power Control Product, Check out our RPS-ERP!
  • If you need a remote power control device that combines web and telephone reboot into one unit, please see our RPS-SPL4 4 Port RPS Device.

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Online Order OR FAX/MAIL the order.
RPS II Power Stone @$139.00

RPS-ATX Device $79.00

Web Reboot

What's the difference?

Web Reboot

Web & Telephone Reboot


What's the RPS-SP4L difference?

Web & Telephone Reboot


Web & Telephone Reboot


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