Interactive FAX Page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use this service?

This FAX service allows you to send a simple character based FAX anywhere in the USA from our FAX web page (Demo Here!). There is no need for additional software. This FAX service will allow you to cheaply and easily send FAX's without worrying about attaching files to e-mail messages, scanning, converting documents to FAX compatible formats or dealing with FAX software or hardware.

Sometimes the generated Preview FAX page is not properly formatted. Why?

You should not 'paste' your FAX onto the web page. For best results, type in the information and hit the 'return' key at the end of each line. The information on the formatting, even though not visible to you, is needed by the conversion program to properly format your FAX.

When generating a FAX page, why does my data disappear when I hit the BACK button on my browser?

The system dynamically creates the html web pages that you are using to generate your FAX. A complex set of programs is monitoring your activities and data. These individual programs are 'linked' and rely on a chain of 'events' to generate the FAX. When you move throughout the FAX process, you MUST use the supplied prompts to generate the FAX otherwise the 'chain' of information is lost along with your data. The top of every Interactive FAX page contains the instructions for using the service. Just use the supplied prompts to 'click' your way and generate a FAX!

How close is the PREVIEW FAX from the actual FAX that will be sent to the client?

Very close. Using Netscape's browser the match is close to 100%. Internet Explorer also gives very good results. You can see the results for yourself on our Demo Page.

How do I receive an acknowledgement that the FAX was successfully sent?

The system will send a confirmation message to your registered e-mail address. The message will also contain a copy of your FAX, the time the FAX was sent ( in California, USA time) and the status of your subscription balance.

What happens when the FAX is not transmitted?

The system will notify you via e-mail. The Fax Server tries multiple times to reach your designated phone number to transmit your information. There is no charge for a FAX that is not transmitted.

How do I subscribe to your service?

You can use your Visa/Mastercard on our subscription page, you can FAX a copy of the subscription page to us at 714-664-1426 or mail us a copy! There is a $10.00 minimum charge to start the service, that's good enough to send 40 FAX's anywhere in the USA. Additional credits are billed in $10.00 increments.

How long will it take for my FAX to arrive at the destination?

Depending on the Fax servers cache status your FAX will be delivered within 15 minutes.

Can I FAX more than one page?

The system is presently setup to handle an individual page of typed information from the FAX web page totaling approx. 43 lines of information in the body of the message. (The 43 lines does not include the header of the fax containing the FROM, TO and SUBJECT information.) Shortly we will be adding the ability for multiple pages.

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